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How to Develop World Class Payment Professionals

As any fintech founder will attest, the four Ps of marketing — Price, Product, Placement, and Promotion — are still relevant in today’s ever-changing payment industry. But can your marketing mix alone set you apart in this cutthroat environment? While the classic...

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Buy Now Pay Later – Does It Have a Future?

Instalment payments are hardly a revolutionary idea. Yet, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) has taken the payment world by storm. Some are even calling for BNPL to replace traditional credit cards, as many consumers prefer this alternative — and often interest-free — payment method. But are these expectations overblown and premature? Or could BNPL be a potential credit card killer?


How to escalate properly?

How to escalate properly? The road to success is often paved with our passion, conviction and, of course, a healthy dose of doing the right thing for your business. Even if that means taking some risks. That often causes a clash of minds, personalities, and in...

How to escalate properly

What is an AHA moment?

What is an AHA moment? Undoubtedly, we have all had them that moment of extraordinary clarity in which the solution to a difficult problem suddenly seems to just pop out of nowhere, moments where things seemingly align, click, fall into place and help us make sense...


Gain the Lead: How It All Started

Until the summer of 2020, James Miller and Markus Rieker - who would later run Gain the Lead together - were working on separate areas of a large-scale change programme at Wirecard. Wirecard was a phenomenal success story. Investors were drawn to Wirecard's rapid...