We help you grow your investment.

Many attractive fintech and payment startups are excellent at their technology. Where they often lack is financial planning, finding and winning the right customers and leadership. Once the startups grow beyond the original “inner circle” of employees who managed to prove the business model, the real challenge starts.

Experts get promoted to leadership positions and focus mainly on daily business rather than building strong & loyal teams. Structures and processes are not adequately adjusted to help the company scale. Silos are born and powerplay starts. Once proven processes collapse under the shear pressure of volume, customers start to become unhappy. Winning new customers is mainly done via price and the investment becomes endangered.

Many have failed due to running out of funds, loosing key employees or not being able to implement processes that allow to scale, which can at best, just delay delivery considerably.

Gain the Lead supports as a key link between your investment and your chosen startup, setting the right foundations for scalable business growth, ideally before the growth pains happen. If the growth pains have started, then each new day is the best chance to remedy them.

Gain the Lead - Services for investors

We can help your chosen startups to:

  • grow their market value
  • have a secure cashflow with best-in-class financial planning
  • attract and keep the required talent
  • develop the right pragmatic processes to ensure speed and reduce internal friction
  • develop the leadership skills required to grow a sustainable organization
  • build an efficient HR concept to develop the people so they stay in the company and have the right skills at the right time to grow the business

    Our Services

    Strategy Consulting

    We help startups and established companies develop winning and realistic strategies to reach sustainable growth.

    Leadership Development

    We provide state of the art leadership development for leaders in in Fintechs and payment providers.

    Change & Restructuring

    We ensure efficient & successful change processes in ever changing industries like Fintech and Payment.

    Sales Efficiency

    We offer tools that help with identifying the right customers as well as providing sales training and coaching.

    Payment Professionals Training

    We offer a training certification for payment industry professionals that helps them thrive within the company.