Buy Now Pay Later – Does It Have a Future?

Written by GaintheLead

März 23, 2022

A peek at what’s inside:

      • Why has BNPL experienced such significant growth?
      • Does BNPL have the power to replace credit cards?
      • Is BNPL a viable business model?

      Instalment payments are hardly a revolutionary idea. Yet, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) has taken the payment world by storm, thanks in large part to seamless integration within check-out processes and minimal financial barriers. Some are even calling for BNPL to replace traditional credit cards, as many consumers prefer this alternative — and often interest-free — payment method.

      But are these expectations overblown and premature? Or could BNPL be a potential credit card killer?

      Our report explores the concept of BNPL as well as its benefits, drawbacks, opportunities, and even viability as a payment staple — from both regulatory and business model standpoints. We also share insights on the latest BNPL trends, including the implementation of smart contracts for consumer protection.

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