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We help your organisation grow and change

We are passionate about helping individuals and organizations in the FinTech and Payment industry become more successful and enjoy work. This passion has grown in all of our partners, consultants and trainers, from our experience gained while working in diverse and successful companies.

What makes Gain the Lead unique is the integration of all external support required to deliver successful change from end to end. Our team has a combined set of strengths acquired for more than 15 years experience within the industry.

Gain the Lead offers a spectrum of areas of expertise that you can profit from by having a team of experts working for your success from strategic areas such as: management and strategy consulting, organizational development, change consulting and execution support, leadership development and employee development and coaching.

Our mission is to help you grow and enjoy change, and each step of your journey will work seamlessly.


Meet our team:


James Miller

Managing Director Change & Training

I love supporting leaders to build and sustain high performance teams and ensure all involved are enjoying work and life at the same time. My passion for this approach grew in me in my 1st job as an Account Manager in the IT industry. We delivered great results, but it was not fun for anyone. So began my mission combine great results and enjoying work. Over the years I have achieved this as a VP, MD and Global Lead. For the past 15 years I have been training others to achieve the same.


Markus Rieker

Managing Director Strategy, Efficiency & Operations

I love helping people and organisations become more successful. I do this by consulting on business and market strategy, processes, structures and internal cooperation. I have applied my passion for efficiency in many roles in the fintech and payment industry as a CEO, COO and VP. Now I am very happy to offer the essential external perspective to you, provide solutions for your success and follow through until you achieve what ever you set out to achieve when you considered working together with me and my teams.


Georg Schott

Consultant, Trainer & Change Agent

With my background in management consulting and the payment industry, I bring both worlds together at GTL. My goal is to help companies in the payment and fintech industry to be geared for the future in an increasingly competitive market. New technologies and the agility of the fintech and payment industry fascinate me. I am committed to deliver result driven work that is of value to customers. I believe in lifelong learning, curiosity, openness to new concepts and ideas, and meaningful relationships in order to achieve common success.


Robert Herzig


I love bringing projects and people forward. Having passed over 20 years in different roles and sectors with payments and projects I am happy to share the achieved knowledge and experience.
The fast and tremendous changes in the payment industry worldwide are fascinating and bring challenges for all the stakeholders. New technologies, security aspects and regulations are interesting ingredients for our customers and I am keen to support you to find the right solutions.


Christine Manko

Trainer, Coach & Consultant

As a graduate business psychologist, I worked over 10 years for software companies in the pharmaceutical and financial industry in Product Management and Sales and experienced a wide variety of corporate cultures and structures nationally and internationally. I am passionate about lifelong learning, creating structures and guiding companies and individuals in their growth and development. Working in fast-changing environments, made me realize how essential it is to have the personal and professional resources in order to be a successful and authentic business partner. Developing these skills and guiding through change- and transformation processes is an essential part of my work.


Timo Pregler

Trainer, Coach & Change Management Consultant

As a certified business trainer, coach and change management consultant, I love to professionally accompany people and organisations in their development and change processes. My central motto is: “You can change everything in life – even yourself!“ I like to use my experience as an entrepreneur, trainer, coach, consultant, manager and employee to adopt different perspectives and to work for a healthy balance of success and fun at work.


Kathy Heath


As a C level leader with over 20 years experience in Financial Services, I thrive on supporting clients to define the right strategy & support the execution in order to get exceptional results for their business, people & customers. With an expert knowledge of payments across Issuing (Credit, Gift Card, Prepaid, Open & Closed loop) Acquiring, Alternative Payment Methods globally and Open Banking I bring a good overview to support any strategic and commercial goals. My core skill is leveraging payments to engage new customers, drive loyalty, repeat and increased spend and I have done this for global companies including Barclays, InComm, Citi & MasterCard.


Andreas Hummel


It all starts with an idea.
Turning good ideas into reality inspires me every single day. In more than 30 years of responsibility for business and company development, I have learned what it takes to develop companies from 15 employees to 500 employees and from €5 million to €500 million in turnover. New business ideas often require new models and new ways of thinking. To support this path with practical and successful strategies is my passion. Fun, joy and personal satisfaction do not only come from a successful result, but must accompany the way there.


Hendrik Hartz

Trainer & Agile Coach

I love empowering leaders to truly lead their teams, to understand them, and to nurture them where they can develop fastest and best. My passion for this arose both in my own leadership responsibilities and in my perception of a team’s needs and desires in my work as a coach. It is my professional blend of distance and closeness that has helped me push teams to achieve new goals, in both classic and agile systems.


Marco Conte


I am the guy that never has cash in his pocket. Payments is not only my job industry niche but it’s one of my main passions. I have spent the last decade working as a product manager, consultant and payment manager handling payment topics such as PSP and wallet integrations, PSD2 SCA strategies for merchants, risk and fraud management, issuing, open banking and much more. With a lot of pleasure, I partner on several projects with the rest of the team at Gain the Lead.

Our Services

Strategy Consulting

We help startups and established companies develop winning and realistic strategies to reach sustainable growth.

Leadership Development

We provide state of the art leadership development for leaders in in Fintechs and payment providers.

Change & Restructuring

We ensure efficient & successful change processes in ever changing industries like Fintech and Payment.

Sales Efficiency

We offer tools that help with identifying the right customers as well as providing sales training and coaching.

Payment Professionals Training

We offer a training certification for payment industry professionals that helps them thrive within the company.