Leadership Training & Development

State of the art leadership training for leaders in FinTechs and payment providers

Once a business grows to over 40 people, employees’ expectations towards leaders change. We provide state of the art leadership training and coaching to help leaders in fast growing and established FinTechs and payment providers build high value generating teams and master their workload.

    Here are some of the questions Gain the Lead leadership training programs provide practical answers to:

      • How do I balance operational tasks I am great at and find time to lead?
      • What is my role as a leader?
      • How can I ensure my team delivers on time and with the right quality, without being a micro-manager?
      • How can I manage to achieve my goals in this new remote work setting?
      • How can I keep the team(s) engaged and motivated in the remote setting?
      • How can I develop people and provide them with a positive career outlook, even though I do not know which positions will be available in the future?
      • How to attract and develop the right people?
      • Develop the leadership skills required to grow a sustainable organization
      Leadership Development

      Our Services

      Strategy Consulting

      We help startups and established companies develop winning and realistic strategies to reach sustainable growth.

      Leadership Development

      We provide state of the art leadership development for leaders in in Fintechs and payment providers.

      Change & Restructuring

      We ensure efficient & successful change processes in ever changing industries like Fintech and Payment.

      Sales Efficiency

      We offer tools that help with identifying the right customers as well as providing sales training and coaching.

      Payment Professionals Training

      We offer a training certification for payment industry professionals that helps them thrive within the company.