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Many attractive technology startups are excellent at their technology. Where they often lack is in financial planning, finding and winning the right customers and leadership. We have seen so many fail due to running out of funds or loosing key employees, which can delay delivery considerably. We strive to grow your investment in the start-ups you selected.

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We can help your startups to…

  • grow their market value
  • have a secure cashflow with best in class financial planning
  • attract and keep the required talent
  • develop the leadership skills required to grow a sustainable organisation
  • build an efficient HR concept to develop the people so they stay in the company and have the right skills at the right time to grow the business

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James is THE trainer. He is the person you call in if you do not exactly know what to do and how to approach a situation as a leader and manager of teams and departments. Regardless if you want to excel further yourself as a leader or you want to bring your team to the next level, manage change processes or simply exchange thoughts – James is the person to go to. He hosted and led over several years various training programs and specific and custom made trainings where my team members (especially Team Leader and Head ofs) and myself participated. My piece of advise: get James in and nothing can go wrong!

Sebastian Krahe


The training provided by James and his company is by far the best managerial training I have come across in my career until now. The content has a solid theoretical basis, that is coupled with a lot of practical exercises, where real cases are deeply analysed. During the exercises, James is able to immediately identify anyone’s weak spot on a specific topic and highlight what the consequences of a wrong approach to each case could be; right after that, he adds the pieces of advice to correct the approach and get back on track.  James is very good at moderating the team and making sure that at the end of the feedback round, the feedback is complete. Highly recommended professional, for any company that wants to take its middle-high management to the next level.

Sefano Orsi

Head of Region Europe FI & WOP

I had the pleasure of attending a leadership training which was conducted by James. From day one of the course, James’ competence and ability to train were very clear. It was obvious that he had honed with many ours of his own work and study and his delivery was additionally strengthened by his own experiences in corporate leadership. After the training and due to how it was delivered, I found it extremely easy to implement the skills. The effect of which was also clear, which was when I sent my own Team Leads and all of the training staff on courses with him. James’ personality, engaging and caring spirit as well as open and friendly disposition, make him an excellent mentor and coach. I can easily say that his training was the most effective and impressive I have attended. I would recommend James for any senior leadership, coaching or mentoring position or to any company looking towards training their leaders for success in the modern working world.

Andrew Niven

Head of Training & Information Management